About Us

The 2023-2024 Guelph Chamber Choir


Rebecca McKay – Section Lead
Havelah Carter
Lindsay Scott – Neufeld Emerging Artist
Rebecca (Jiyeon) Han
Jacqueline Kreller-Vanderkooy

Karla Oxley
Alison Vicary
Tricia Ward
Tammy te Winkel
Kate Wilson


Moira Ainsworth
Christine Cousins
Bailey Dugas
Joanne Gonsalves
Enid Gough
Megan Hodge
Kalyna Levytsky
Paula Sather
Susanne Schmidt-McQuillan
Rachel Schenk Martin
Karen Slatovsky
Rachael Young


Lanny Fleming – Section Lead
Wil Ainsbury – Neufeld Emerging Artist
Douglas Annett
Steve Brown
Brad Halls
Maxim Levytsky
Patrick Long
Dev Suresh
Mitchell Watt


Keith Hagerman – Section Lead
Simar Basra
Dave Davidson

Brian Janzen
Doug Long
Neil McLaren
Graham Nancekivell
Andrew Quinn
Matthias Schmidt
Finn Steinke
James Walke
David Wieler

The Guelph Chamber Choir

Dr. Charlene Pauls

Artistic Director & Conductor

Dr. Charlene Pauls has been an active choral conductor, vocal soloist, adjudicator and pedagogue for over 25 years. Drawing on this extensive experience, Dr. Pauls’ approach focuses on developing a beautiful choral sound through a deep understanding of healthy vocal technique.

Over the course of her career, she has directed a wide range of adult, university and youth choirs. She is Associate Artistic Director of the 250 voice strong Oakville Choir for Children and Youth where she directs Raise Her Voice Chamber, an ambassadorial ensemble selected from within the organization’s senior singers. Dr. Pauls has led this group in award-winning performances at various national and international competitions, and has appeared on stages in Europe and the USA.

In addition to her active performing and teaching career, Dr. Pauls frequently presents academic work at academic conferences and is in demand as an adjudicator for Voice and Choral festivals across the country.

Our Team

Alison MacNeill, Piano

Alison is a University of Guelph grad, and an Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Piano Performance. After graduate work at the University of Western Ontario, Alison returned to her hometown of Guelph to teach and to fully immerse herself in its thriving music community. She has been a familiar sight on the concert stage ever since.

Over the years Alison has accompanied a great number of choirs including The Elora Singers, the Guelph Youth Singers, and the Rainbow Chorus of Waterloo-Wellington. Her passion for choral music is reflected in her decades as the Director of the Music and Arts Ministry at Harcourt Memorial United Church, and as conductor of other local community choirs. Alison became the Artistic Director of the Rainbow Chorus in 2018.

She has been the accompanist for the Guelph Chamber Choir for about twenty years, frequently performing and touring with the ensemble. She is featured on two previous CDs of the choir: Songs of the New World, and Goode Cheare.


Tammy te Winkel, General Manager

Preetam Sengupta, Financial Administrator

Singers in the Guelph Chamber Choir represent various walks of life; their common bond is to foster community enjoyment and appreciation of choral music through performances, outreach, artistic collaboration, and community partnerships.

We remain an integral part of the strong musical heritage of Guelph. Our performances include repertoire from Renaissance masters to contemporary composers, from classical styles to Broadway and vocal jazz, and from unaccompanied choral gems to masterworks with full orchestra.

We often collaborate with other choirs from across Canada and within our own community. Our success has been recognized through a number of broadcasts on national radio and prizes in the CBC National Competition for Amateur Choirs. We have participated in festivals throughout Ontario and have toured Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and Sweden.

Our History

The Guelph Chamber Choir began in 1980 when a group of choral music lovers decided that Guelph needed a new choir dedicated to singing the finest works of the repertoire with skill and musical sensitivity.

Our first performance on December 7, 1980, under conductor and artistic director Gerald Neufeld, featured twenty-six singers in front of an audience of nearly two hundred at Harcourt Memorial United Church.

From the choir’s inception to his retirement in 2018, Conductor Gerald Neufeld led the choir for all but two years, when Kathryn Laurin ably took the baton.

After Gerald Neufeld’s retirement in 2018, an extensive search process was conducted during the 2019 season and Charlene Pauls was named Artistic Director and Conductor starting with the 2019/2020 season.

Over the years our ranks have swelled and our talents deepened. Now at forty voices strong we still hold close to the ideals of chamber singing: lightness and clarity of tone, subtle blending of developed voices, and clear communication of the meaning and spirit of both text and music.

Board of Directors

Dave Davidson, Chair
Leila Stevens, Secretary

Larry Gibbs
Jacqueline Hawken
Megan Hodge
Sya VanGeest

Charlene Pauls, Artistic Director and Conductor
Tammy te Winkel, General Manager
Preetam Sangupta, Financial Administrator