Help us with our immediate need…

Arts organizations continue to struggle and unfortunately, GCC is among the groups who need assistance more than ever.

You may have read the interview with Board Chair Dave Davidson and General Manager Tammy te Winkel that appeared recently in

Our immediate need is to raise $25,000 to continue to offer our season programming, youth mentorship, and community involvement.

Ticket sales generate approximately 1/3 of our revenue.

We keep our ticket prices low to make sure we remain within reach of our loyal supporters and our community. We have special youth pricing to encourage the next generation of choral music lovers to get involved.

The rest of our funding comes from donations from individuals and corporations and from grants.

We apply for grants all the time….but so does everyone else. Overall grant funding isn’t increasing and the competition for existing funds IS.

ALL gifts of support are welcome and we are so grateful to all our generous donors and supporters who have helped us over the years.

Help us continue to be part of Guelph’s storied music tradition!

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…or become a Monthly Donor!

Monthly donors play a unique role in an organization’s fundraising efforts. These gifts allow us to predict income in “non-concert” months, forecast finances throughout the year, and provide a stable operating base.

If you’ve wanted to support GCC but didn’t think you could make a “big enough” gift, this is an opportunity to be involved for as little as $5 – $10 per month.

If you would normally make a lump sum donation, please consider a slight increase in your gift and how it could be extended across the year.

Help us keep the Guelph music scene vibrant by becoming a monthly donor!

Our Monthly Donor Fundraising Goal


Thank you to the following monthly donors:

Carolyn Davidson
Aaron Dent
Brad Halls
Megan Hodge
Jacqueline Kreller-Vanderkooy

Julia Lockhart
Charlotte Mingle
Graham Nancekivell
Donald Quinlan
Bonnie Rimmer

Preetam Sengupta
Tammy te Winkel
Peter White
Marilyn Whitely
Pamela Young

If you have any questions, please contact our General Manager, Tammy te Winkel at