On September 18, the Guelph Chamber Choir and conductor Charlene Pauls, presented 6 premiere recordings of works by Vancouver composer Stephen Chatman.

The project is an exciting international collaboration between Schirmer and GCC, featuring brand new publications from a well-established Canadian composer.

Pandemic restrictions caused an end to the 2022 live concert season. Around the same time Stephen Chatman reached out with 6 unpublished choral pieces written during the pandemic, and offered the Guelph Chamber Choir a unique recording project, partnering with Mark Lawson, president of his American publisher, E C Schirmer.


The result was six premiere recordings of Stephen Chatman’s music, filmed in June 2022, available on streaming services and YouTube.

Our favourite video was shot at sunset at the historic “Goldie Mill” site in Guelph, featuring personal stories from members of the choir, dedicating the song to women who have passed away, yet who have made a lasting impact our their lives.

We’re very proud of this collaboration and hope you enjoy these six recordings.

#1 Come Day, Come Night

#2 Sleep, Little Baby

#3 She Pass’d Away

#4 Nothing Will Die

#5 Hush, My Dear

#6 White Moons

All I can say is WOW!!! I watched and listened to Charlene Pauls and her FANTASTIC choir performing Steve’s beautiful music. I was truly blown away.  The music and choral arrangements moved me to tears several times while I was watching.  I loved the photography  and videography.  Please tell Charlene how much I enjoyed listening to her choir.  I also watched The Chatman launch from Sept. ’22.  I enjoyed that very much.  Now I have a new choir to watch and listen to on You Tube!  Thanks for sharing!!!
A listener from Vancouver