Carols of the Bells (2017)


1. Carol of the Bells | Leontovitch

2. Carol of the Bells | arr. Douglas Wagner, adapted by Susan Carscadden-Mifsud

3. Breath of Heaven | Chris Eaton & Amy Grant, arr. Lloyd Larson

4. Noel Nouvelet | arr. Kevin McChesney

5. Silent Night | Franz Gruber, arr. Cathy Moklebust, adapted by Gerald Neufeld

6. Huron Carol | arr. Gerald Neufeld

7. Joseph Made a Treasure Box |Larry Nickel

8. Little Lamb, Who Made Thee | Larry Nickel

9. Sleep Holy Child | Gerald Manning

10. Sing We Now of Christmas | Karen Lakey Buckwalter, adapted by Gerald Neufeld

11. Deck the Hall | arr. Norman Luboff

12. Masters in this Hall | arr. Mark Hayes

13. Comfort, Comfort Ye My People | arr. Cynthia Dobrinski

14. Sleigh Ride | Leroy Anderson, arr. Martha Lynn Thompson

15. And the Trees do Moan | arr. Carl Wiltse

16. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day | arr. Cynthia Dobrinski

17. Northern Lights | Ēriks Ešenvalds 

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Remember (2011)


1. If Music be the Food of Love | David Dickau

2. Paradise (Song of Georgian Bay) | Eleanor Daley

3. Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair | arr. René Clausen

4. Loch Lomond | arr. Johnathan Quick

5. Remember | Stephen Chatman

6. Les Raftsmen | arr. Ruth Watson Henderson

7. Prairie Greyhounds | Jeff Smallman

8. Four Strong Winds | Ian Tyson, arr. Larry Nickel

9. Frobisher Bay | James Gordon

10. North West Passage | Stan Rogers, arr. James Gordon

11. Carrickfergus | arr. Mark Sirett

12. We Rise Again | Leon Dubinsky, arr. Lydia Adams

13. Prayer of the Children | Kurt Bestor

14. Wade in the Water | arr. Moses Hogan

15. Worthy to be Praised | Byron Smith

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Christmas in the Royal City (2010)


Guelph Chamber Choir
Gerald Neufeld
, conductor
Alison MacNeill, piano
Christopher Dawes, organ

Featured Instrumentalists

Mary Lynne Whyte, Celtic harp
Lori Gemmell, harp
Catherine Anderson, cello
Susan Stephenson, flute


At Christmas, the mystery of the incarnation is celebrated with joy and jubilation through music that mediates the contradictions between divinity and humanity expressed in the story of Jesus’ birth. Whether one is a believer, a sceptic, or an atheist, one cannot but imbibe the essence of hope in the birth of a new era upon hearing the carols of Christmas. At their core, the message of “peace to all those of good will” is reflected in these simple, enchanting songs.


1. Born this Night | Mary Lynne Whyte, arr. Jeff Enns and Gerald Neufeld
Carolynne Davy Godin, soloist

2. Torches | Brian Emery
Nancy Boss, soloist

3. Silent Night | arr. Malcolm Sargent

4. Joy to the World | Lowell Mason, arr. John Rutter

5. Away in a Manger | arr. Elmer Iseler

6. A Boy was Born in Bethlehem | Bert Van der Hoek
Anna Rowan and Chris Fischer, soloists

from Dancing Day | John Rutter

7. Prelude

8. Angelus ad virginem

9. Interlude

10. There is no Rose
Carolynne Davy Godin and Janice Coles, soloists | Lori Gemmell, harp

11. Nowel syng we bothe al and som | Anonymous
Chris Fischer and Neil McLaren, soloists

from Songs of the Nativity | Ruth Watson Henderson

12. Before the Paling of the Stars

13. Christ is Here

14. Zion Hears the Watchmen’s Voices | Johann Sebastian Bach

15. Fantasia on Christmas Carols | Ralph Vaughan Williams
Chris Fischer and Neil McLaren soloists | Catherine Anderson, cello

16. Fäbodpsalm Från Dalarna | Anders Öhrwahl
Poem: Someday, Perhaps…with Love | Judith A. Lindberg
Susan Stephenson, flute | Laura Harp, soloist | Gerald Neufeld, reader

17. The Very Best Time of Year | John Rutter

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Christmas in the Royal City - Guelph Chamber Choir

Goode Cheare (2003)


Guelph Chamber Choir
Gerald Neufeld
, conductor
Alison MacNeill, accompanist

Featured Instrumentalists

Oliver Whitehead Jazz Ensemble
Henry Janzen
, viola


Much of the music on this compact disc is about the integration of the Christmas story into a society’s myths, and the mode of their presentation is an adaptation of old carols and texts to the jazz and world-music idioms of the 21st century. Accompanied by the Oliver Whitehead Jazz Ensemble, these carols, old and new, are alternately soulful and lively with instrumental improvisations that give them their distinctive character.


  1. Masters in this Hall/Bryan O’Lynn’s Jig | arr. Shaw/Parker/Oliver Whitehead – trad. French
  2. Carol of the Birds | arr. Oliver Whitehead – trad. Spanish
  3. Fum, Fum, Fum | arr. Oliver Whitehead – trad. Spanish
  4. All Hayle to the Dayes | arr. Oliver Whitehead – trad. English
  5. Gaudete | arr. Oliver Whitehead
  6. Huron Carol | arr. Stephen Holowitz and Whitehead – trad. Canadian/Huron
  7. Hodie | Oliver Whitehead
  8. Patapan | arr. Oliver Whitehead – trad. Burgundian
  9. I May Not Go to Bethlehem | Jeff Smallman
  10. A ‘Soalin’ | arr. Donald Patriquin – trad. English
  11. Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day | arr. Oliver Whitehead – trad. English
  12. Voices of Light | Paul Halley
  13. The World Awaits | Stephen Holowitz
  14. Carol of the Bells | arr. Oliver Whitehead – trad. Ukranian
  15. In the Bleak Mid-winter | Gustav Holst – arr. Oliver Whitehead

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On Christmas Night



Guelph Chamber Choir
Gerald Neufeld
, conductor
Guelph Children Singers
Linda Beaupre
, conductor

Featured soloists

Leslie Fagan, soprano
Erica Goodman, harp


On Christmas Night is a delightful collection of Christmas carols from various cultures. The charm of children’s voices, together with the Guelph Chamber Choir, makes this CD a particularly attractive gift for the Christmas season. With the added beauty of Leslie Fagan‘s rich, pure solo renditions of some of the most beautiful carols ever written and the accompaniment of Erica Goodman on the harp, you have a gem that captures perfectly the mood of Christmas eve.


  1. Carol of the Birds | M. Leontovitch – arr. Peter J. Wilhousky
  2. So Blest a Sight | arr. Alice Parker and Robert Shaw
  3. How Unto Bethlehem | arr. Alice Parker and Robert Shaw
  4. Carol of the Birds | arr. Alice Parker and Robert Shaw
  5. Touro-louro-louro | Nicholas Saboly – arr. Alice Parker and Robert Shaw
  6. Angelus ad virginem & Tomorrow Shall be my Dancing Day | arr. John Rutter
  7. Patapan | arr. Kirke Mechem
  8. New Year Song | arr. Kirke Mechem
  9. Balulalow | Benjamin Britten
  10. Children’s Christmas Song | arr. Ralph Vaughan Williams
  11. Sussex Carol (On Christmas Night) | arr. David Willcocks
  12. Lullaby for the Christ Child | Ruth Watson Henderson
  13. Away in a Manger | W. J. Kirkpatrick – arr. Elmer Iseler
  14. Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head | arr. Gerald Manning
  15. Lieb Nachtigall | arr. Andrew Carter
  16. Jesus was Born in Bethlehem | Rachel Elder – arr. Lydia Adams
  17. I Wonder as I Wander | arr. John Jacob Niles
  18. Make We Merry | Healey Willan
  19. The Holly and the Ivy | arr. Eric H. Thiman
  20. Yule-tide Fires | Diane Loomer
  21. In the Bleak Mid-winter | Harold Darke

Songs of the New World (1996)



Guelph Chamber Choir
Gerald Neufeld
, conductor
Alison MacNeill, accompanist

Featured soloist

Kevin McMillan, baritone


This collection of songs evokes the bygone spirit and character of parts of North America that were once known as the New World. They will take you on a journey through Upper Canada (Ontario), the New England states, the deep South, and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. Some of the ballads depict amusing events while others express the melancholy love and longing of people in hardship. Many of the songs are rousing expressions of love for the land of their origin.


Folk Songs of Ontario | Ruth Watson Henderson

  1. Come all You Bold Canadians
  2. The Maggie Hunter
  3. The Banks of the Don
  4. Les Raftsmen
  5. Soloists: Marcus Kramer, Neil McLaren

The Spell of Times Long Past | Nancy Telfer

  1. Love Song
  2. Solitude
  3. The Wind and the Flower
  4. The Sailor’s Sweetheart

Three Mountain Ballads | Ron Nelson

  1. He’s Gone Away
  2. Will He Remember
  3. Barbara Allen

Shenandoah | James Erb Spirituals

  1. Deep River | arr. Roy Ringwald
  2. Soon ah will be done | arr. Dianne Loomer
  3. Witness | arr. Jack Halloran

Maritime Folk Songs | arr. John Beckwith

  1. Farewell to Nova Scotia
  2. The Banks of Newfoundland
  3. Soloist: Kevin McMillan, Percussion: David Campion

Song for Canada | Paul Halley

  1. Soloist: Kevin McMillan