Bob Chilcott

Five Days that Changed the World

and other works

Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 3:00 pm
Harcourt Memorial United Church

Our first concert at the end of October features a program of secular music, centred around Bob Chilcott’s Five Days that Changed the World – a work that explores five moments in time:

  1. the invention of the printing press
  2. the abolition of slavery
  3. the first powered flight
  4. the discovery of penicillin
  5. the first man in space

All five of these moments provide a rich background to explore other repertoire that connects with these human advancements and it promises to be a concert full of surprises celebrating the human spirit.

Charlene Pauls, Conductor

with special guests:

GCVI Choir
Lane Osborne, Conductor

Richard Moore, Percussion